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Abair Liom characters, illustrations & animations

Abair Liom is Folen’s engaging new Irish programme which includes print, digital resources and hands on resources including puppets. Baboom are delighted to have worked with Folens on the character design of the O’Shea family and friends, a large number of illustrations for print and also animations for over 80 lessons.

It was exciting to work on the character design of this family of characters who grow with the children from Junior infants all the way to 6th Class (3rd and 4th class ready for schools for September 2016) . As well as the O’Shea family themselves many of the children’s school friends we designed also feature in the illustrations.

Client: Folens

We worked on a large number of illustrations for the printed books and also animations for the digital resources. The animations include lip synched dialogs between the characters as well as animations for interactivities.

Find out more about Abair Liom on Folens website


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