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Future Cities Animation

Client: Trinity College

This animation was the result of an exciting project where Baboom Design worked with the Future Cities Research Centre in Trinity College Dublin. We worked closely with the Centre Director, Professor Siobhán Clarke, to create a visualisation of how the combination of research, education, citizen engagement, urban planning, technology and innovation, in a truly multi-disciplinary way, can deliver innovative solutions to help co-design the city of the future

The project involved choosing a challenge area, mobility, as an example of where the above strategy can be brought to life. From brainstorming and sketching how this could be done visually, we moved through a process of where the concept was storyboarded. An infographic was then created to visualise the concept. The animation stems from this infographic and is stepped out to tell a strong and compelling story with key messages being brought to the fore at strategic points.

Find out more about the Future Cities Project at http://www.tcd.ie/futurecities/

future cities animation by Baboom pfuturecitie02 pfuturecitie03 pfuturecitie04 pfuturecitie05 pfuturecitie06